Hello parents and students! Here you will find links to documents to print for lessons.


Here are two sets of “summer” (13-week long) practice charts to choose from. The first set is for a practice schedule using five days a week, and the second uses six days a week. Both sets include ranges from 15-120 minutes.

I designed these practice charts after the ones I made for myself with a ruler and pencil back in the day. It is a very basic design, where you cross out/use a sticker/color in the box for the day that you practiced the full amount of minutes, then at the end of the summer you can easily calculate your practice minutes and see just how much work you have put in! Enjoy!


Everyone in the studio should print out this listening list (if I have not given it to you already) to check off new pieces each week.

The artist document lists professional orchestras, quartets, violists and violinists that I recommend you look for when listening. The pieces document has both a violin and a viola list, and you only need the list associated with your instrument.